Saturday, October 1, 2016

2016 Halloween Blog Hop - A Recycle Witch DIY

When witches go riding, and black cats are seen, the moon laughs and whispers, ‘tis near Halloween - Unknown

Welcome!  It's time for the Halloween Blog Hop 2016 & $100 Giveaway! My favorite time of the  year! Join me and nine other bloggers as we host a month-long Halloween bash featuring old and new Halloween recipes, crafts, DIY props and decor, printables, costume design, party ideas, games, and Halloween traditions. On Halloween night we'll announce our giveaway winner and share our favorite picks from the party.
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Sherry | Olives-n-Okra

I'm really thrilled to be participating with this group of highly creative and talented ladies! Tis the season for tricks and treats and all things spooky - including a frightfully fun, easy to make
Recycle WITCH! 

I had so much fun creating this adorable recycle witch from an empty Downy In-Wash Scent bottle. The bottle has such a cool shape for a witch.  And it's a great project to make with kids. But the best part is you can make it with stuff you already have around the house or in your stash!

Here's how: 

Materials -
Downy In-Wash Scent Booster Bottle
Pebble rocks or sand
Plastic grocery bags
Masking tape
Paper Towels/toilet paper
White Glue/Tacky glue
Acrylic Paints
Poster board
18 gauge stem wire


1.  Remove the top and cover of the bottle.
2.  Take several grocery plastic bags and squeeze together, making a ball.
3.  Insert the ball into another bag, twisting lengthwise into a tail.  Wrap tail end with masking tape.
4.  Put pebbles inside bottle for weight and insert tail of bags into neck opening.
5.  Mix glue with a bit of water and saturate strips of paper towels and glue on bottle.
6.  Continue gluing on several layers of paper towels until bottle and head are completely covered.  Allow to dry.
7.   To make the nose, take several pieces of toilet paper and saturate with glue. Shape into a nose, adding curvature to the tip.
8.  Press nose onto face, gluing in place. Let dry.
9.  Using the same method for the nose, make a chin and glue on just below the nose. Let dry.
10. Shape mouth by indenting between nose and chin.
11. Paint head and face.
12. Paint body (not shown) 
13. To make hair, wrap yarn around cardboard several times.
14. Tie together at one end and cut opposite end.
15. Glue yarn on top of head for hair. Have fun adding eyes, brows and lip color.

To Make the Witch's Hat:

There are many ways to make a witch's hat, but the easiest for me was to make a old fashion compass with pencil and string and (1) draw a semi circle on the poster board corner. (2) Cut out and form a cone shape, gluing sides. (3) Use a round object to draw a circle pattern for the hat brim. (4) Use the base of the cone to draw another circle in center. (5) Cut out center circle.  (6) Place brim over cone and push down toward base. Make slits at base around cone. (7) Fold slits over hat brim and glue in place. (8) Make patterns of brim and cone from scraps of felt to cover hat. (9) Glue on felt and let dry. 

To make arms, brush glue mixture on paper towels and roll into tubes.  Insert wire into tubes and cut off excess at ends.  Fold over one end on each .  .  .

paint arms, let dry and glue on at bottle top sides.

I hastily made hands by taking a strip of toilet paper, brushing on glue at one end and rolling into tiny strips. Then added glue to another strip and pressed together to form a round, flat surface. Once dry, I cut the strips into 10 little fingers and glued to the round surface - kinda scary looking, aren't they! 

And of course, no witch is complete without her broom and cape -  made out of raffia for the broom and burlap for the cape!  

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Have Fun and Happy Halloween!

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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Repurpose Beer Can Flower and Leaf Wreath

I recently found a wonderful site called Terrain that's an offshoot of Anthropologie.  Briefly, Terrain is a celebration of nature and design that highlights a fabulous collection of unusual earthy items. There were so many  things on the site that caught my eye, but I was truly taken with a lovely metal flower and leaf wreath as seen below.

OMG!  Anytime I get a chance to do a knock off of some sort, especially using a freebie like cans - I go for it, as seen here and here.   Oh yes!  So here is how I made my version of their wreath.

Aluminum cans
Rustic vine wrapped wire
Utility knife/craft knife
Flower/leaf template
E6000 glue/hot glue
Primer spray paint/acrylic craft paint
Floral stem wire

  • Gather aluminum cans - beer or soda.
  • Find leaf and flower templates (large to small) online, print, and cut out.
  • Carefully cut off the ends of clean cans using  a utility knife. Make a vertical cut with scissors. Cut an even edge, removing any slivers or jagged edges.  Smooth out the curve of the can by rolling on the edge of a table or countertop. You may want to wear gloves for this!

  • Trace the outline of the flower and leaf templates with a pencil .  .  .

and cut out.

  • Leaf texture can be added by placing cut-outs on soft corrugated cardboard (cushion backing) and drawing on lines with a dull pencil point.

  • Do the same for making flowers, cutting out gradually from large to small.
  • Spray primer paint on cut-out and let dry.

  • Then paint cut-outs with an array of acrylic craft paints.

  • Add texture to flower petals by rolling and shaping with a skewer stick.

  • Assemble flowers in layers gluing on with E6000.
  • Glue on short floral stem wire to leaves.
  • Shape rustic vine wrapped wire into a 15 inch circle wreath. 
  • Arrange and glue on finished flowers and leaves onto the wire wreath.

After trying on more flowers (different color) and leaves, I went for a cleaner look with fewer leaves and flowers. 

What a great repurpose use of beer cans!   I love how this looks .  .  . and if I hadn't told you, no one would think the flowers and leaves were made from beer cans!

Take a little time to enjoy


Happy Crafting!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Batiful Halloween Decorations

Thinking about Halloween?  This is Gail @Purple Hues and Me and I'm on Bowdabrablog today showing you how to make "flying" bat decorations using your Bowdabra!  Head on over and check it out! They are super easy to make and will be a hit at any Halloween celebration.  And the best part - they are absolutely BATIFUL!

Enjoy, Have Fun  
Keep Crafting with your Bowdabra!

Monday, August 29, 2016

Logo Inspired Recycle Newspaper Vase - A Hometalk Challenge

I love Hometalk! As a craft blogger, it's my favorite DIY home and garden community site on the internet!  I enjoy the interactions and the responses I receive from my postings, and as one staffer stated, "it's a certain friendliness, willing to help .  .  . and of course, a cozy-homey-ness!"  You just can't get any better than this! So I guess you can imagine how excited I was when the email came  from Hometalk asking us to help with decorating their offices with our diy creations.

We were asked, if possible, to incorporate some element of Hometalk like the color teal, the word, Hometalk, or the logo into our decorative item.  I was inspired by the logo and color.  The five sided design reminded me of a popular weave pattern for a handcrafted newspaper vase, and I kept thinking about using different shades of teal - the gradual blending of different colors into another - that would be perfect for the many tubes involved in making this kind of vase.  A light bulb had gone off, and I knew I had an item I wanted to make.

Materials needed:
Newspaper/skewer stick
White tacky glue
Hometalk logo
Acrylic paints - ombre colors
Brushes and or sponges

To Make the Newspaper Tubes:
1. Fold and cut newspaper section into four parts.
2. Open the paper section and place a thin wood skewer stick on the bottom  
    left corner at an acute angle.
    Wrap paper edge over stick and begin rolling the paper with your fingers. 
3. Just before reaching the end, brush on white glue and roll end closed to
4.  Make 75 tubes and divide into five different ombre color paint groups of 15 
5.  Place plastic cover over work area and paint the group of tubes in different
6.  Let tubes dry completely.

To Make the Vase:
Cut out a four inch Hometalk logo and trace two on cardboard and cut out.

1.  Place one cardboard logo on working surface.
2.  Take five tubes and place on each corner of logo. Place an additional tube  
     on top of one tube.
3.  Glue tubes in place and let dry.
4.  Glue second cardboard logo on top and let dry.  Take a sheet of paper and 
      outline the logo 1/2 inch larger, cut out and glue on bottom.
5.  Cut out corners of paper at each tube.
6.  Apply glue to cut-out edges and fold over, gluing in place.
7.  Glue Hometalk logo on opposite side.
8.  Paint bare side with color of tubes. Let dry.

To Weave:
On painted side of logo, bend the extra tube along edge of shape and over next tube. Take that tube and bend over next tube, and so on.

Continue bending tubes over the next tube along edge, moving around the design.

When tubes become short, simply add glue to tube end and insert new tube into end and let glue dry.

Continue weaving tube over the next tube using one color group at a time until all the colors have been woven into an ombre effect and you are left with short tube ends.

To finish, apply glue to end of last short tubes and insert inside of weave, hiding ends. Cut off any excess ends.

Can you still see the logo in the weave?

How cool is this?

The vase can be sprayed with a sealant to protect the finish.

This is how the bottom looks - after adding the sealant.

I really love how the vase looks and hope the folks at Hometalk love it, too!

Take a little time to enjoy


Happy Crafting!